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Centralised Technical Management for Home and Building: Home automation, Lightning, Electric Control

Welcome to the world of TECHNO HOME DDM.

We revolutionize the intire industry with our ideas and solutions. We choose the best technologies on the market.

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Who are we ?

Our team is made up of young and talented visionary engineers working at improving each and every one's daily comfort thanks to a revolutionary and constantly evolving technology. We are proud to be able to provide businesses of all sizes and individuals with intelligent solutions adapted to their needs. Our close collaboration with the best companies on the market assure us an unparalleled success and guarantee.


In line with the evolution of industry standards, we protect you against lightning, equip you with alarms (control and monitoring), and connect you to the future with a "smart home".

We also want to help people with disabilities on a daily basis, with a rational electrical installation meeting required standards.



Saint-Pierre, Réunion

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